I aggregate and contraposition objects and materials to expansive installations in either confined or open space environments. The installations amalgamate with the site, so that the boundaries between the installation and surroundings become blurred and less transparent. The installations oscillate between painting and sculpture, as play with the tension between the single object, its specific arrangement and the whole ensemble.

All the materials and ready-mades I use are of different origins and disconnected from their natural or cultural habitat. The materials are various, but at the heart of my installations there is always an element of stone-like sculptures. Stone typically either gets used as a readymade or as a more classical hand-crafted sculptured object.

The elements within the installation sometimes become mockeries. They will not follow their old laws of natural forces and are instead manipulated into a new order. They are transformed by painting, through traditional methods like hand-crafted sculpturing, printing or casting methods, and are given various options of possible behaviour and quite often are introduced to funny situations that challenge their status quo.

My sculptures frequently undergo a transformation processes. Every sculptural element and combination of elements in my current installations is of a highly gestural nature and can always be disassembled or newly arranged in a new setting, but at the moment of the exhibition I am setting all of the elements in a fixed order. When exhibiting at the next possible occasion the elements will be assembled in a different way and will be adapted to the new site.

Their internal dialogue with each other and the environment aroundinitiate a discourse about the meaning of naturalness and artificiality, materiality and colour, order and hierarchy, categories and classification, boundaries and possibilities, or eternal and ephemeral conditions of materials.